Jimmy Butler's decision to play for the Miami Heat this offseason rather than inking with a team that appeared closer to championship contention was met with skepticism and second-guessing. Butler could have stayed with the 76ers, or played elsewhere with another established star, or two like the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead, he signed a four-year, $142 million contract with the Heat, who sent defensive-minded shooting guard Josh Richardson to Philadelphia in a sign-and-trade. The Sixers then used the extra cap space that they would have used on Butler to land All-Star forward Al Horford

Many perceived that with his decision to join the Heat instead, Butler was placing an emphasis on location and lifestyle rather than on winning on the basketball court. However, Butler didn't view it that way, and he actually felt disrespected by those who thought winning wasn't a priority for the veteran forward. He says that he signed with the Heat because he liked the roster that they had built, and felt like he could elevate the team to the next level

"Mother------s act like I'm not a good basketball player," Butler said, via Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. "Like for real. Just think about that. Like I can't come in and make a huge difference. I'm not going to say 'carry a team' because nobody can do it by themselves and I mean that. I'm not putting it all on myself, but I know what I'm capable of. I know what I bring to any and all situations, and the group of guys that we have is the group of guys that I want to play with.

"When I look down the line and as we're talking about it as an organization on this roster, I know what these guys are capable of. These guys are built like me. We're one in the same and so they're only going to get better and they're not going to get complacent. This is me. I see myself in every one of these guys around this locker room."   

Speaking of Philadelphia, Butler also implied that something went down behind the scenes with the Sixers that led to his decision to walk away from the organization, despite the fact that the team appeared poised to contend for championships in the coming seasons. Butler kept it vague, though, and wouldn't go into detail regarding what spurred his decision to leave. 

"Stuff just don't work out," Butler said. "Nobody knows what really went on in Philly and we're going to leave it that way. But it was a great opportunity for me ... All of that will come out whenever it's time. Right now is not the time. I'm locked in with this. I'm happy, man. I'm smiling and my guys want me to be here, my organization wants me to be here, I want to be here and we're going to ride this thing until the wheels fall off." 

Butler did make it clear, however, that Sixers All-Star center Joel Embiid wasn't the reason that he didn't want to stay in Philly, as the two remain close, even as opponents. 

"I'm not saying Philly wasn't great, man," Butler said. "We had some really good players. I talk to Joel [Embiid] damn near every f-----g day. It's a brotherhood, man. I love that guy. I'm going to always have his back and I know he'll always have mine."  

While it's doubtful anyone actually said that Butler is "not a good basketball player," good for him to use his decision to sign with Miami as motivation, even if it is a little bit early in the season to take a victory lap. Regardless, Butler is clearly happy in Miami, and he has the Heat playing some solid basketball. 

As far as what happened behind the scenes in Philadelphia, we may never know, but both sides have moved on and seem to be fine without the other -- the Sixers were the NBA's last undefeated team, and have been getting major contributions from both Richardson and Horford. So, Butler's move appears to have been for the best.