It's now nearly September and six months after Chris Bosh's season was ended by a recurrence of the blood condition that threatened his life in 2015, and there's still no clarification on when, or if, Bosh will play again. However, that's not stopping the Miami Heat star from getting shots up.

Bosh took to social media Monday, posting videos on Snapchat and Instagram of him working out in the gym, followed by a video where Bosh says "Of course I'm hooping. I'm a hooper."

Bosh and the Heat put out a joint statement earlier this year saying they were working together towards a resolution to Bosh's health crisis. This came on the heels of widespread indications that the two sides were split with Bosh wanting to resume basketball activities on the advice of one (of many) doctors.

Chris Bosh on the court
Chris Bosh's future remains uncertain. USATSI

Bosh continues to insist that this days in the NBA are not finished, and these videos are evidence of that. But working out and playing full speed, with the legal ramifications for a team that comes with it, are different. Bosh still has to determine whether or not he can get cleared by doctors that the Heat will approve in order to resume his career.

Bosh is scheduled to make $23.7 million next season with Miami, but it's clear it's his love of the game that's driving his efforts to return to the floor. His money's guaranteed. His basketball future is not.