A Philadelphia-based company really wanted LeBron James to sign with the 76ers over the offseason. So much so, in fact, that it bought three billboards in Cleveland asking James to opt out of his contract with the Cavaliers this summer and head to Philly. This effort was obviously meant to troll Cavs fans that live in Cleveland and maybe get some attention from James himself. 

If getting James' attention was its goal, then mission accomplished. He was asked about the billboards Tuesday and he found them to be pretty enjoyable, saying "it's dope."

The billboards obviously aren't going to impact where James ends up if he does choose to leave Cleveland, but it's always nice to feel wanted. Of course, James is the type of player that can go anywhere without any real repercussions at this point. He's always done things his way, which certainly includes free agency destinations. Where James chooses to go will be up to him and him alone. If he does choose Philadelphia it will probably have nothing to do with these billboards.

It must be nice, however, to know that he already has some fans ready to embrace him if he did indeed choose the "City of Brotherly Love."