LeBron James has a reputation for exaggerating contact. Whether that's fair or not is a whole separate issue, but he's been known to act as if Mike Tyson squared him up even on some seemingly light contact to the head.

And apparently, it doesn't even matter if the guy hitting him is his own teammate.

In Game 3 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, Tristan Thompson and Bismack Biyombo were exchanging some words at an uncomfortably close distance. As the two teams got in there to attempt to separate them, DeMarre Carroll tried to move Thompson away. It was at that point that Thompson threw his arm back and connected with LeBron in the face, and that's when the Internet got its dose of LeBron theatrics.

Cory Joseph and Thompson were given technical fouls on this play. When Joseph came in there to separate the two big men, he pushed Thompson a bit. But it was Carroll's nudge that ended up making James look like he was dodging a bee flying by his head.

You know what that means too. That means we're getting some prime Internet reactions to James flopping after the hit. The Internet always delivers.

We've seen these theatrics in local politics even.

He could've improved some unsuccessful movies, like whatever that Zac Effron DJ movie was supposed to be about. And really, you should feel pretty good about Space Jam 2 if this is the level of acting we can expect.

And of course, nothing would be LeBron playoff shenanigans without Lance Stephenson being involved.

The Internet always delivers, my friends.

LeBron goes down. USATSI