While the NBA offseason is known primarily for workout videos on Instagram, unexpected trades and barricading sought-after free agents inside of houses, it's also the time for teams to make changes to their branding.

Sometimes the planned changes to logos and uniforms leak early, spoiling the surprise before the offseason even rolls around. That's what happened this week with a couple of NBA teams that are planning some offseason changes to their look.

According to Sportslogos.net, the Denver Nuggets will make some significant changes to their color scheme beginning next season. The team will move away from their power blue base and revert to the color scheme that they used in the '90s -- navy, maroon and gold. 

Here's a look at the expected shift:

Via SportsLogos.net

Using that information, SportsLogos.net also provided a visualization of what the new color scheme could look like on the Nuggets' jerseys next season.

Via SportsLogos.net
Via SportsLogos.net

The Memphis Grizzlies are also looking to make a change to their color scheme, although it's a bit more subtle than what the Nuggets are planning. 

The Grizz will reportedly get rid of the extra light blue in their logo (seen below) and jerseys. They're expected to replace it with a silver trim.

Via SportsLogos.net

With Nike taking over as the NBA's official outfitter and implementing four-uniform sets league-wide this season, there's a good chance we'll get plenty of uniform news from now until the beginning of the 2018-19 season.