Calavera makeup often leaves those donning it almost unrecognizable, but Spurs guard Patty Mills isn't just anyone. Some sharp Spurs fans were able to pick him out of the crowd at a Day of the Dead festival in Alamo City, and he stopped to take a picture with them.

Think of your favorite player. Would you recognize them in this makeup?

Mills' mean mug does a lot for the photos. He looks like a ghost who happened into the photograph. The Aussie just seemed out to have a good time, and these lucky fans have some seriously keen perception. Mills is only 6 feet tall, so for an NBA player he can blend in relatively well.

The Spurs have started their season 3-2, with Mills averaging 7.4 points per game. Offseason acquisition DeMar DeRozan has been killing it for San Antonio, leading the way with 27.2 points per game. Dia de los Muertos will begin Oct. 31 and extends through Nov. 2.