LOOK: This Kobe Bryant ad with Michael B. Jordan is perfect

As Apple TV promotes their latest version of the hardware and software, they're bringing out the big guns in this campaign. They turned to Los Angeles Lakers' legend Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B. Jordan to show the things Siri can do on the latest Apple TV. In it, MBJ is playing Kobe and is dressed in the Lower Merion High School uniform Kobe wore over 20 years ago.

Bryant is trying to help Jordan find the essence of the character he's playing, but there's a bit of a twist Kobe didn't know was happening.

It's fun to see Kobe poke fun at himself. We get everything about Kobe that we've joked about during this farewell tour, and still get to appreciate the legend he's been throughout his historic career.

Well done.

This Kobe ad with Michael B. Jordan is perfect. (Apple)
This Kobe ad with Michael B. Jordan is perfect. (Apple)

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