When everyone says you're the worst, you've got two options. You can balk at it, cry about it, beg for understanding, or you can embrace it. The Warriors have chosen to embrace their status as the NBA's resident villains after adding Kevin Durant, and proved it on Friday by taking this picture with JaVale McGee's drone camera and implanting "Super Villains" over it.

It's tough to maintain a good head space when you think everyone despises you, though. The Miami Heat really struggled with that in 2011. It's just not human nature for most people, though Kobe Bryant was kind of the exception. For their part, though, the Warriors seem pretty upbeat and positive within the constructs of their own interactions.

They definitely are super, however, with Kevin Durant's incredible skillset in a near-7-foot frame, Steph Curry's ability to toss lightning bolts form his hands, Klay Thompson being a human torch, and Draymond Green having a mutant ability to get under people's skin. The Warriors are on a three-game winning streak after getting blown out by the Lakers.

Also, Klay Thompson looking at his phone is pretty hilarious.