Recently hired by the Los Angeles Lakers as a basketball and business adviser to team owner and president Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson is looking forward to stepping in and "calling the shots" in the very near future. But according to Johnson, the Lakers weren't the only team that was trying to hire him for his basketball expertise.

Appearing on CBS This Morning on Monday, Johnson, staying loyal to the team he played his entire career with, said the Lakers are the only franchise he would work for. But Johnson did add that four other teams previously reached out to him about coming on board as an owner or to run an organization. Johnson doesn't name all of the teams, yet he does mention that Knicks executive vice president and general manager reached out to him.

"I've had four offers to run teams, to be owners of teams," Johnson said. "Matter of fact, Steve Mills, I had the opportunity to run the Knicks. But I turned everybody down."

Johnson also said that he decided to take on the Lakers job because he has a strong team that can help run his businesses while he shifts his focus.

When or how serious of an offer Mills gave to Johnson is unknown as Magic just briefly mentioned the Knicks in passing. But perhaps it was around the time Phil Jackson was hired, which was in 2014.

Either way, though, the Knicks likely would've been on a different unknown trajectory if Johnson was hired and who knows how New York would be now if he was in charge.