Magic Johnson has released a few lists in honor of his 60th birthday, naming the top 60 things, according to him, in categories he randomly chose. 

Johnson famously resigned from his job as the Lakers team president in a self-prompted press conferences. The Lakers legend, who didn't enjoy being unable to tweet anything he wanted during his time in Los Angeles' front office, is now living his definition of his best life, tweeting to his heart's desire. His latest contribution to the social media world are several top 60 lists.

First up was Johnson's list of top 60 films. The films are not exactly listed in order of his favorites like you would think, but instead mostly put in alphabetical order. "The Godfather," "The Bourne Identity" and "Sparkle" are all in a random order, and we may never know why. 

Johnson next ranked athletes-turned entrepreneurs and listed those in alphabetical order as well. So don't feel too special, Aaron Rodgers -- you're not No. 1. You just happen to be first alphabetically. 

Next up was Magic's list of top 60 places to travel. He does not specify if he has been to these top destinations or not, but he once again alphabetized them for us. Anyone looking to plan a trip needn't look any further. 

Magic's final list ranks his top 60 TV shows of all time, a list inspiring many to go back and rewatch old classics. 

Whether you agree with the selections in the list or not, Johnson clearly put a lot of thought into what his top 60 is in each category. Can't you just picture Magic with a notebook working hard to figure out who makes the cut and who is left unmentioned on these exclusive lists of athletes, films, places and TV shows? Yes, I just listed those in alphabetical order -- I had to follow Johnson's lead.

People who got a glimpse of these lists on social media quickly went from questioning Johnson, to shouting out their own takes on the lists. No word yet if this will become an annual thing or something we will get each decade.