Michael Jordan is an NBA legend, a Hall of Famer, 6-time champion and sneaker king, but to his kids he is first, and most importantly just "dad." Jordan has three children with his first wife Juanita Vanoy, Jeffrey (31), Marcus (29), Jasmine (27). He also has 6-year-old twins Ysabel and Victoria with his wife Yvette Prieto. 

"The Last Dance" documentary has given everyone, including his children, a closer look at who MJ was off the court.

The fascination over the unique access to the GOAT's life has a lot to do with how he lived, as well as how private he has previously been. Jordan carefully selected the events he would appear at, rarely shoving himself in the spotlight. 

Jasmine told InStyle magazine her dad is "very much a homebody and has always been a private person." 

She continued saying, "He just so happened to have chosen a profession that was made for the public eye, and honestly I think if he could've had his same career without the fame, he'd probably still do it. You won't catch him in New York City or L.A. unless it's for business."

His low profile also meant his kids didn't realize just how famous he was. 

"I definitely didn't realize growing up who he was. He was "Dad," and that was it." Jasmine said, sharing in her pre-teens she finally searched him online "to see why everyone was so obsessed" 

"It didn't hit me that he was the phenomenon that he is," she said. "I would ask him questions all the time like, "Why do you think you're the greatest?" and he would just laugh."

The kids did see the NBA side of Jordan when they were playing pickup games. "He would treat us exactly the same as any other basketball player he was playing," Marcus told Today, explaining that he would sometimes call his mom to tell her MJ was picking on them.

Sometimes this competitiveness ended in injury. "Jeff was going for a touchdown and, I'll never forget it, my dad tackled Jeff into a glass table and Jeff hit his head," Marcus shared in an interview with The Breakfast Club, adding, "That's the competitiveness. Obviously, it was an accident."

"One of the biggest misconceptions was that he couldn't turn that [competitiveness] off," Jeffrey said. "He definitely could turn it off and be a dad ... But when it was on, it was on."

The kids welcomed the heightened competition. "I wouldn't want him to hold back anything, because that wouldn't make any of us better," Jeffrey said in an interview with Today.

Despite his competitive nature, MJ never pressured his kids to play basketball. Both boys played, but Jordan said he just wanted his kids to be happy. Jasmine tried her hand at basketball, but said her and her dad agreed, the sport wasn't for her.

As far as their personal lives went, Jasmine said they didn't introduce too many people to their dad. When she introduced him to her fiance Rakeem Christmas, she said it was "hysterical" as they were both nervous and unsure what to say.

While all of his kids were encouraged to find their own path to happiness, they each are still in the world of sports, and sneakers. 

Jeffrey leads brand digital innovation for the Jordan Brand and Marcus opened the shoe store "Trophy Room." Jasmine works in sports management with Nike and Jordan Brand and previously worked with the Charlotte Hornets.

All three will be featured in episode 10 of the documentary.