Mike Conley says Grizzlies will pay Fizdale's $30K fine for 'take that for data' rant

The story of Game 2 between the Memphis Grizzlies and San Antonio Spurs on Monday night looked to be about the Grizzlies' valiant comeback effort that fell just short, and the brilliance of Kawhi Leonard, who set a new postseason career-high. 

All of that, however, was quickly overshadowed during the postgame press conference, as Grizzlies coach David Fizdale went on an incredible rant, in which he criticized the referees for their performance in Game 2, and single-handedly created two new memes, with his "they're not gonna rook us!" and "take that for data!" quotes. 

Fizdale's performance, for any who might not have seen it, is well worth watching. 

Understandably, Fizdale was hit with a $30K fine from the league. But thanks to his players, he won't have to take out his checkbook. 

Mike Conley, who Fizdale singled out for not getting enough respect, thanked Fizdale for his words, and said that the players will be taking care of the fine. 

This is a yet another cool gesture from Conley, who just Tuesday bought 500 tickets to give away to fans for Game 3, and is a good sign that Fizdale has the respect of his players. 

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