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The NBA has not, and is not, mandating that all players be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. That said, unvaccinated players -- assuming they are not already being barred from facilities because of state mandates enforcing their own vaccine requirements (New York and California) -- have been subject to stricter protocols. 

One of those protocols has been game-day testing, which, as of Dec. 17, will expand to even vaccinated players who haven't received a booster dose, per Shams Charania of The Athletic. 

If you're wondering what Tier 1 means with regard to the team personnel, it's anyone working regularly within 15 feet of players and referees. Those people, as stated above, will have to get a booster dose as well to continue operating with full clearance. 

Hopefully this won't be a problem. It was reported just prior to the season that 95 percent of NBA players had been vaccinated, so it would stand to reason those same players would be OK with getting a booster shot. But you never know how an individual is going to feel about extra doses, particularly those who were hesitant to get the vaccine in the first place but ultimately complied.