The Bulls have reportedly received an odd warning from the NBA. According to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports, they've been told by the NBA they've been resting healthy players too much. In other words, Chicago has been tanking too blatantly and the NBA wants the Bulls to cut that out. This means playing Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday more often.

The NBA has said in the past that if it felt teams were not trying to win, or resting players unnecessarily, then they would be willing to fine them. This wasn't a fine, but if the warning isn't heeded then a fine is likely coming the Bulls' way.

This is the NBA's latest attempt to reduce tanking, or at least make it less obvious when it occurs. The NBA wants teams to put their best players on the floor at all times. Rest is OK, but resting healthy players too much or at inopportune times can be seen as bad for the league. The NBA has reacted similarly in the past when contenders rest multiple healthy players on the night of a national TV game.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver's no-nonsense stance on tanking will only continue from here. The league recently fined Mark Cuban $600,000 for saying on a podcast that the best thing for the Mavericks this season was to lose games. It appears that if teams want to tank they're going to have to be less obvious about it.