When it comes to the 1990s Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan often flexed his muscles as one of the NBA's greatest trash-talkers, in addition to being one of the league's greatest players. However, teammate Scottie Pippen may have the greatest trash-talking moment in Bulls history.

In the late stages of Game 1 of the 1997 NBA Finals, Utah Jazz big man Karl Malone was at the free throw line attempting to help his team steal a win. The game was tied at 82 with 9.2 seconds remaining when Malone went to the charity stripe, but he ended up missing both free throws thanks to one classic line from Pippen.

"I had my brother in town, my brother was a postman," Pippen said on ESPN

Karl Malone was at the free throw line and the game is on the line. I was pretty good friends with Karl actually so I just walked by him and said 'the Mailman don't deliver on Sunday.' To this day, I think that's the greatest line in basketball.

Pippen was then asked if he thought that the classic line would mess with Malone's psyche.

"Not till after he bricked 'em," Pippen added.


After blowing the opportunity to steal Game 1 in Chicago, the Bulls were able to take advantage of the situation. Jordan hit a game-winning buzzer-beater to give the Bulls an 84-82 win. They'd go on to capture the franchise's fifth championship, beating the Jazz in six games.

Based on the timing of Pippen's trash-talk, this may be the most iconic line in NBA history.