The NBA is expected to pass three different rule changes next month during the Board of Governors meeting, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. 

Most notable among the changes, is that after an offensive rebound, the shot clock will only reset to 14, instead of giving the offensive team another full 24 seconds. This is something that is already in place in both the WNBA and FIBA. Furthermore, there is expected to be a simplification on clear-path fouls, as well as an expansion of review opportunities for referees if they determine there was a potential hostile act. 

Resetting the shot clock to only 14 is the most impactful of these changes, because it's the one that will happen most often. Clear path fouls aren't too common, though it will be nice to simplify the rule there. And even with expanding the definition of hostile acts, there still shouldn't be a huge increase in reviews. 

It will be interesting to see if early in the season there are some extra shot clock violations because players aren't used to the shorter reset. Most likely, though, it shouldn't change the game too much. Most shots after offensive rebounds are immediate putbacks or kickouts for quick 3-pointers. 

One area it will definitely change, though, is end of game situations. If a team is trying to hold on to a lead late in the game and they get an offensive rebound, they will almost always try to pull the ball out and use up the entire extra 24 seconds. Now, they'll only have 14 seconds. That could end up making a difference in some close games.