Stephen Curry has never doubted his abilities as a shooter, and he's pretty sure of himself as a ball handler as well. Curry revealed his ball-handling Mount Rushmore for NBA Handles Week on NBA TV to Steve Smith, and even though you can make the case for some other players, it's hard to argue against anyone he named.

Curry said that Kyrie Irving would grace his Mount Rushmore, along with legends Magic Johnson and Pete Maravich. Finally, he said that he would be up there with the best.

Curry has a lot of styles covered. There's Irving, who has ankle-shattering moves that he can use to pull up or get to the basket, Johnson, who used his handles to create just as much as he used them to score, and Maravich, who was an innovator in both dribbling and passing in his day.

When Smith pressed Curry on Dell Curry's omission, Curry laughed it off, saying "my dad probably dribbled about 20 times in his career."

Curry may be more associated with his shooting, but he might be the best 3-point shooter off the dribble in NBA history. And if you switch a big man onto him, well...

Curry has even gotten the King himself.

Irving's handles don't really need any video evidence, but we're going to show some anyways because he's basically an AND1 mixtape who got good at every facet of basketball.

In fact, Irving has gotten Curry himself.

Maravich, meanwhile, didn't take any dribbles he didn't have to. He liked things clean and simple, and he was more efficient for it.

Finally, there's the Magic man himself.

Clearly, Curry appreciates his history. And perhaps even more importantly, he isn't short on confidence in himself either.