Episode 9 of the "The Last Dance" covered one of the most famous moments of Michael Jordan's career: the Flu Game. It was the name given to Jordan's incredible Game 5 performances against the Utah Jazz in the NBA finals while nursing a debilitating "illness" of some sort.

Jordan, along with a couple other talking heads interviewed for the series, revealed that the sickness came as a result of a poisoned pizza that was delivered by five individuals from the only open restaurant in Salt Lake City -- oh, and Jordan ate the whole pizza himself. If it sounds like a wild, pretty unbelievable story, you're not alone. The explanation caused a stir on Twitter that left some to question its validity.

Here are some of the best tweets analyzing that story on Sunday night. A lot of the chatter was pure skepticism.

Sure, some people believed it could be true...

...even former Rockets player, and known Utah Jazz agitator, Vernon Maxwell seemed to corroborate the possibility of foul play.

But really it just made for the subject of a lot of jokes on the timeline because, again, it's so absurd that there's absolutely no way it could actually be true.