VIDEO: Compilation of 90's NBA 'I love this game' commercials

Here's a fun little trip down memory lane. The NBA has been incredible at providing fans with great commercials over the last 30 years to promote professional basketball. In the 90's, they went big with their "I love this game" campaign and pulled out all the stops for it.

We got different compilations of highlights set to rock 'n' roll from different eras, circus themed ads promoting the wackiness of the NBA, Cindy Crawford telling us how hot the NBA is, and even some classical music to bring home the majesty of entertainment going on with the best basketball league in the world. 

You get to see all kinds of dunks, blocks, assists, bloopers, and fan dance -- oh, the fan dancing! It's worth your eight minutes to grab a little nostalgia on Monday.

(H/T - Lang Whitaker for passing this along)

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