You have to be on the lookout when you're at a sporting event. At baseball games, a foul ball can come screaming at your head or a bat can go flying into the stands. At football games, you've got to be careful a beer isn't being thrown at the person next to you. 

When you're at a game between the Charlotte Bobcats and the Milwaukee Bucks, you have to be careful of errant passes flying at your dome. Just ask the lady above who was walking behind the Bucks' bench when Gerald Henderson thought she was open. Here's a better look at it in .gif form:

Now we can break this down like the Zapruder Film with a closer, slower version of it all:

Always keep your eyes on the prize, kids. Or just don't go to Bucks-Bobcats games.

UPDATE: Gerald Henderson tweeted after the game about the pass that hit the lady.

(Vines and .gif via @cardboardgerald, @tpcourier, and @sbnationgif)