A big storyline surrounding the Miami Heat's deep playoff run this season is the contributions they've been getting from undrafted players. The Heat have four undrafted players -- Gabe Vincent, Duncan Robinson, Caleb Martin and Max Strus -- providing major contributions in the postseason. But, while the attention those guys are getting has been well-deserved, some people are tired of the whole "undrafted" narrative. 

"They get paid to play this game like everyone else," Golden State Warriors Draymond Green said of undrafted players. "Whether you were drafted one or 60 or undrafted, once you get in between the lines, what are you doing between these lines? So stop with the whole undrafted thing, man. I'm sure those guys get tired of hearing that because I get tired of hearing it."

Green also took to Twitter to express his feelings on the topic. 

Heat coach Eric Spoelstra expressed a similar sentiment after Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. 

"Yeah, that's kind of played out...that's so disrespectful to keep on talking about that way." Spoelstra said of the "undrafted" talk. "Gabe [Vincent] has been with us- he's a veteran. He's a seasoned veteran. I have not even bothered to look at the playoff experience but he's got as much playoff experience as anybody in this postseason. He's been with us since the bubble. That storyline is over. These guys have proven themselves and competitors and winning players." 

When it comes to Vincent specifically, Green saw firsthand just how good the guard can be during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

"Them boys was balling for Team Nigeria and they beat us," Green said. "The way Gabe Vincent was playing for Team Nigeria, that's how Gabe Vincent is playing for the Miami Heat and he is playing well, creating a bunch of value for himself."

When it comes to guys like Vincent and the rest of the undrafted players on Miami's roster, the morale of the story is simple: It's not about how you get to the league, it's about what you do once there.