WATCH: Grizzlies' Tony Allen stars in Memphis airport mockumentary

Getting in people's faces, sacrificing his body and yelling out his accolades, Tony Allen has made defense his calling card. He is "The Grindfather" of the Memphis Grizzlies and is the type of player that opponents usually hate playing against. Allen's antics just rub some people the wrong way as a mockumentary created by the Memphis International Airport shows.

In the mockumentary, Allen works at the airport and often receives praise from his boss even though his co-workers do most of the work. This of course, makes his co-workers quite angry.

Even though this was just a spoof, Allen unknowingly is just the perfect comedic actor. It truly is a joy to watch him on and off the court. 

Tony Allen talks about his day working at the airport.
Tony Allen talks about his day working at the airport. (USATSI)
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