Rodney Hood had himself a tough night at the office Wednesday. Not only did the Utah Jazz guard get ejected in the third quarter of a 107-104 victory over the Wizards, but he was also fed up enough to smack a phone straight of a fan's hand on his way to the locker room in Washington, D.C.

Hood was tossed from the game after relentlessly arguing with referee Tony Brothers, who handed the 25-year-old two technicals to send him to the showers early.

As Hood was leaving the court, this happened:

That is a man who is in no mood to be filmed, sir. 

Although it was an outrageously rude move on Hood's part, it's hard not to respect the nonchalant way in which he pulled it off. Hood barely even looked at the man and still managed to deliver a perfectly effective swipe that sent the phone flying. Just amazing.

It'll be interesting to see if there will be any discipline coming down from the NBA as a result of this incident. As funny as it might be, you can't just have players running all over the arena slapping phones out of hands all willy nilly.