It's a tradition that the team that wins the Super Bowl (or any other sports championship in America) gets invited to the White House to visit with the president. They take a tour, listen to the president tell (usually) bad jokes, snap some pictures, and get to have a pretty cool experience.

Already, we know one of the two Super Bowl teams will be at least one player short when visiting the White House if it wins. Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett says he will most likely not go to the White House if the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

This isn't the first we've heard of athletes potentially not going to the White House because of President Donald Trump. ESPN's Jalen Rose speculated soon after the election that entire teams may not go to the White House because of Trump's presence there. Bennett -- who showed earlier on Monday that he does not support the president's recent executive order banning refugees -- does appear to be the first player to publicly take that stance, or at least to do so ahead of time.

If the Patriots were to win and Bennett were to skip the trip, he would not be the first Patriots player to do so. Tom Brady did not join the team when it visited President Barack Obama at the White House in 2015, choosing instead to work out at Gillette Stadium and check out an Apple watch at the Apple store in New York City.