Cleveland Browns fans aren't going to be able to keep up with what quarterback Baker Mayfield is doing during the offseason anymore. On Tuesday night, Mayfield announced via Instagram that he is taking a break from social media. He did not say how long the break would be, but did note that it is what's best for him right now. 

"Getting off all social media for the foreseeable future. Gotta do what's best to focus on me, my family and loved ones," the 26-year-old signal caller wrote in his story. "Appreciate all the support. Time to get right."

His last video on Instagram was an update on his shoulder surgery. The QB said it went well and that it was an important step in getting back to feeling like his "normal self." In the video, he referenced the difficult year he had, saying, "A lot of stuff has gone down and it wasn't easy on me or my family."

Mayfield taking a leave from social media should not come as a big surprise. On his Twitter page on Jan. 23, Mayfield wrote, "... social media is toxic. Always kept my circle tight. Time to get back to that. Family and loved ones only."

He has also called out media members on Twitter in the past, calling articles about issues between him and Cleveland head coach Kevin Stefanski "clickbait."

Mayfield faced increased criticism on social media this year and in 2021 after a disappointing regular season. He ended the season with 17 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and an 83.1 quarterback rating.

The 2020 season ended with an underdog playoff win against division rival Pittsburgh Steelers for the Browns, so going into 2021 there was a lot of hope that they would see similar success. Instead, they missed the playoffs with an 8-9 record and came finished in third in the AFC North.