The last time the Bills and Patriots took the field together, the Bills walloped the Tom Brady-less Patriots for a 16-0 win. That wasn't the only strange part.

Before the game, the two teams were involved in a scuffle that began when Jacoby Brissett jogged through the Bills' warmups and was shoved. As a result of that altercation, three Bills were fined while the Patriots went unpunished.

Here's a snapshot of that scuffle:


Ahead of their second matchup this weekend, which will be played in Buffalo, the Bills aren't backing down from another possible altercation. If the Patriots run through their warmups again, the Bills won't let a potential fine deter them from starting another scuffle.

On Wednesday, ESPN's Mike Rodak published a piece in which Bills players were entirely clear about what would happen if they felt disrespected again. Here's Nickell Robey-Coleman weighing in:

"It's gonna be the same reaction that they got last time," Robey-Coleman said Wednesday. "There ain't no other way around that situation, you know? Just respect each other's sideline and move on."
When Robey-Coleman, who was fined $9,115 for his role in the altercation, was asked whether he would be comfortable being fined again, he responded, "Yes."

And here's Stephon Gilmore saying the Bills plan on retaliating again if the Patriots run through their warmup:

"Of course," Gilmore said. "We're not gonna let nobody push us around. You know what I'm saying? We're gonna play smart. We know them guys like to try to get under your skin and make you react a certain way. We're gonna try to take it in between the lines and play good football."

So, get ready for a testy game, which isn't surprising. For one, this is Rex Ryan's team. Two, this is a divisional matchup. Three, this is Rex Ryan's team. I know I already used that one, but it's worth repeating.

After the last incident, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft ripped Ryan and blamed him for the fight.

The only surprising part will be if the Bills end up beating the Patriots again. Tom Brady is back and he's playing like typical Brady. He already leads the NFL in pretty much every important passing statistic.

Ryan sounds pretty aware of Brady's dominance.

But hey, the Bills might win the pregame battle. There's that at least.