The calendar officially flipped to August on Monday, meaning summer is in the rear-view mirror and football season is on the horizon. But that doesn't mean we're going to stop analyzing every word every player says for the next few weeks. No sir, when Brock Osweiler calls Tom Brady A PUPPET we are going to talk about it.

Osweiler sort of/kind of/not really did just that during an interview with John McClain of the Houston Chronicle over the weekend, being asked about his work with Texans head coach Bill O'Brien -- Brady's former offensive coordinator -- and his staff in Houston.

Here is the exact exchange:

Osweiler on working with coach Bill O'Brien and offensive coordinator George Godsey:
"They refer to Tom Brady a lot. With all due respect to Coach O'Brien and Coach Godsey, I've told them I'm going to be me. I'm not here to be a puppet, if you will. I'm going to be who I am and believe in what I bring to the table every day."

There are at least four ways to take this.

One, Osweiler thinks Brady is a puppet quarterback, a pure #sheeple unwilling to ask the tough questions of his coaches and just doing exactly what they tell him to do. He's a full-blown sham of a quarterback, just a byproduct of the system. Pretty unlikely this is accurate.

Two, Osweiler does not want to have a career like Tom Brady. That would be odd because Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL.

Three, Osweiler doesn't know what being "a puppet" means. Instead of saying "puppet" he should have said "clone" or "mirror" or something, because what he meant to say was he won't be Baby Brady just because he's in the same system as Brady once was.

And four, Osweiler doesn't like dealing with the lengthy shadows of famous quarterbacks and prefers to avoid the comparisons to Brady the same way he probably didn't like the comparisons to Peyton Manning when he played with the Broncos.

Most likely to me? Some combination of the latter two, where Osweiler is trying to build his own legacy with his own football team doing his own thing both on and off the field.

It's totally possible part of the reason he spurned the Broncos was about the issue with Manning and the legacy cast over the position in Denver by an all-time great. If so, it would make total sense he doesn't have interest in comparisons to Brady as well.