Blake Bortles made some history Sunday. It wasn't the good kind of history. It was the kind of history that is often reserved for members of the Jaguars.

Against the Broncos, Bortles threw a pick-six to Bradley Roby on a bullet of a pass that appeared to be intended for, well, Bradley Roby.

By doing so, Bortles set the NFL record for the most pick-sixes (11) through a quarterback's first three seasons.

More importantly, Bortles now has more pick-sixes than wins. He entered Sunday's game with 10 wins (and 30 losses) and the Jaguars are trailing the Broncos by a touchdown in the fourth quarter. So, if he pulls off the comeback, he'll have the same number of pick-sixes and wins. What an accomplishment that would be.

Obviously, his win-loss record isn't entirely his fault given that he plays for an awful team, but Bortles hasn't helped make the Jaguars any better. At this point, it's entirely worth wondering if the Jaguars need to find a new quarterback to build around.