Cam Newton said after the Panthers' win Sunday that he would be speaking with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about getting equal treatment from the league's officials. And that's exactly what Newton did, talking with Goodell on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Newton provided an update on his chat. It apparently went well.

"I got my point across. He got his point across," Newton said, via "We ended on good terms, started on good terms, as well."

Panthers coach Ron Rivera also seemed pleased.

"The nice part was the commissioner was a willing listener," Rivera said. "It was great and the nice thing is that (Newton) was able to say what needed to be said. At the end of the day, it's not about getting special treatment, it's about being treated the same across the board."

All of that sounds great, but there's really no way to know if it'll lead to meaningful change. Like we saw in the first game of the season when the Broncos repeatedly hit him in the head and like we saw this past Sunday when a Cardinals defender hit Newton below the knees, it definitely seems like Newton is often the victim of missed calls -- perhaps because he happens to be bigger and stronger than pretty much everyone else on the field.

That's why Newton went on his postgame rant Sunday:

"It's not fun. It's really taking the fun out of the game for me. Honestly, it really is. At times, I don't even feel safe. Enough is enough. I plan on talking to Commissioner Goodell about this. It's not fun. And I don't know what I have to do. I showed a lot of frustration today and I apologized to the referee who I was talking to, but I don't think there's a person who can go through what I go through and still keep their head. Hits to the head, that's one thing, but when you're not protected in the pocket, that's another thing.

"The story of my life ever since I came in is just, 'Oh well, we messed that one up. Sorry.' That's bull crap. That's bull crap. As players in this league, if we do something stupid, we get fined. If we do something derogatory to somebody else, we get fined. I just can't keep accepting 'Oh we missed that one' or 'I apologize for doing that' or 'I didn't see it.' That's horse crap. That's horse crap."

Newton isn't even asking for special treatment when he leaves the pocket to pick up yards with his legs. He's asking for equal treatment within the pocket.

That seems fair enough. Hopefully, Newton's "great discussion" with Goodell leads to actual changes.