Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady has made a lot of impressive throws during his 21-year career. He's completed passes that seemed impossible to execute, thrown passes to secure comebacks and win championships, but his most impressive, and riskiest, throw might have come during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' championship parade on Wednesday.

The celebration took place on the water and players, coaches and personnel were all partying on boats while posing with the trophy. When Brady had the Lombardi Trophy in his possession, he made the surprising decision to toss it from one boat to another, with the chance it could fall in the water.

Brady looked confident, but watching the coveted prize sail over the water is a bit terrifying. Here's a look at his final completion of the 2020 season, which was a trophy toss to Bucs tight end Cameron Brate:

Thankfully, Brate was there to make the catch. He joked afterwards that if it had fallen incomplete his career would be over.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

"If I had dropped that? I think I would've had to retire. That was amazing. He pointed it at me. We talked about it earlier. It was a great throw. I mean, what do you expect from Tom Brady? A great throw."

Someone should adjust Brate's stats to include another completion.

While Brady was betting on himself and his throwing ability, his daughter Vivian was nervous about the pass. From Brady's angle, you can hear Vivian yelling, "Dad no!"

But Brady has six other of these things, so what's risking losing one? The 43-year-old now has seven rings in ten Super Bowl appearances and is showing no signs of slowing down.