When you reach championship heights the way Tom Brady does -- which is to say: very frequently -- it would appear that eventually some of the pomp and circumstance of the whole title-winning experience falls by the wayside. Case in point is how the seven-time Super Bowl champion treated the Lombardi trophy Wednesday during the Buccaneers' championship boat parade.

Video of the event shows Brady on his boat holding a trophy that some of the best to ever play the sport never got to hold even once and glancing in the direction of the boat behind him. After some nonverbal communication -- you can't hear if any real words were exchanged in the video -- Brady begins to swing his arms while holding the trophy like a rugby ball.

He swings once, then twice, and on the third he does the wild act of tossing the trophy from his boat to the one behind him.

The beautiful boaters behind Brady caught the seven-pound trophy and erupted in a joyous celebration. Obviously, the only person who knows why the quarterback felt compelled to toss it so haphazardly is Brady himself. Does he have to power to ask for a new one at any given moment? Were there divers on hand to recover expensive equipment that fell off the boat? Has he won so many times that losing his seventh Lombardi -- though it's just the second in Tampa Bay history -- would be no big deal to him? Again, no one truly knows.

What we do know is that Brady was able to steal the show during an event for the second time this week, which is pretty darn impressive  -- even if the ones involving fans have been kind of dangerous.