Chiefs unexpectedly had to re-sod field for AFC title game after 10 inches of snow last week

During the divisional round of the this year's playoffs, we had ourselves a snow game. The Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts squared off at Arrowhead Stadium, and it was snowing pretty much all day. 

The snow didn't appear to affect the actual quality of play too much, but Chiefs coach Andy Reid did have to admonish fans who threw snowballs onto the field. (The inclement weather pushed the over-under total for the game way down and the under still ended up hitting anyway.)

By the time the snow was done falling in Kansas City, the area around Arrowhead ended up getting around 10 inches of powder. Because there was so much snow, the Chiefs' grounds crew ended up having to unexpectedly re-sod the field for this weekend's AFC title game against the Patriots, which is a rematch of a game the two teams played in New England earlier this year. You can stream the game on CBS All Access.

The field has already been re-sodded, and it looks good. 

That's a ready-to-play football field, one that is suitable for some title game action! It's expected to be frigidly cold in Kansas City once again this weekend, but cold weather is pretty normal for late January. Having the field be in poor condition would have been another story, and thankfully we won't have to deal with that on Sunday night. 

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