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As Davante Adams awaits punishment from the NFL for shoving a credentialled media member Monday night in Kansas City, the shove marked the second time in October an All-Pro player has to deal with consequences from putting his hands on a non-player on the field.

Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner laid out a protestor Oct. 3 on the field at SoFi Stadium. That person filed a police report for assault stating his suffered a concussion. It should be noted that players are told in preseason meetings every year to let stadium security handle any field incursions, in large part for reasons like this.

On Wednesday, Kansas City police cited Adams for misdemeanor assault. Standing before media at his locker, Adams apologized to the man he shoved after the game. 

Adams stands to be fined substantially or suspended for a game, according to multiple NFL sources. The matter is still under review. But a league source raised the point that -- despite the situations being very different -- the NFL should not want its players to have to deal with consequences of on-field behavior against people who aren't opponents.

"They don't want players getting sued who are on the field, or they'll clear everyone out," one league source noted. "The [NFL Players Association] can't have their players get sued like that, either."

It's unclear if either Adams or Wagner have been or will be sued. But the argument remains that these are situations the league shouldn't want its players in.