During the month of October, the NFL goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything is colored pink, including players' cleats, players' gloves, coaches' headsets and coaches' sunglasses (Jeff Fisher wore pink Oakleys on Sunday). But it's just a single-month thing as Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams found out this year.

Williams, who lost his mother to breast cancer last year, apparently went to the NFL and asked if he could wear pink year round. The league, according to a story relayed by Lisa Salters during Monday Night Football, denied his request.

"As you know, DeAngelo Williams lost his mother to breast cancer last year. He said he went to the NFL earlier this season and asked if there was a way that he could wear pink throughout the season, not just in the month of October," Salters reported. "He wasn’t able to do that, but what he did do is, he decided to streak his hair pink. He said breast cancer awareness is not just about October for me, it’s not just a month, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about getting women to recognize to get tested."

Probably going to be some outrage over the NFL not letting Williams wear pink year round. Such outrage is understandable. 

"The same way it made you feel after you heard it -- like, man," Williams said after the game Monday. "He told me no. I'm assuming they are telling everybody else no as well. ... It wasn't about selling it. You know and I know and everybody else knows before I made the phone call."

But the NFL keeping uniform policies, well, uniform, is hardly surprising. 

Williams previously dyed his hair pink during the 2014 season when he played for the Panthers. He'll continue to do so for the remainder of this year. 

Williams apparently was denied by the NFL to wear pink all year. (USATSI)