Did the Colts cut Chris Rainey because of a fire extinguisher?

Did Chris Rainey just tell us why he was cut from the team? (USATSI)
Did Chris Rainey just tell us why he was cut from the team? (USATSI)

When the Colts cut running back Chris Rainey from the team last month, it was unclear exactly what he had done. All we knew was that Rainey had violated team rules.

And that was it.

So, what was Rainey trying to tell us when the Colts played the Jets on Thursday night in the teams' first preseason game?

Though Rainey later deleted these tweets, they were saved for posterity by Deadspin. And we present them to you here.

According to Deadspin, Rainey was referring to Colts running back Dan Herron as "Boom" and somehow perhaps the two were screwing around with a fire extinguisher and maybe that somehow led to Rainey's release because he admitted it or something.

It's specific yet fairly vague at the same time.

Either way, it continues a pattern of strange behavior by Rainey, who's been arrested a few times since 2010 and has been cited for defiant trespass.

So, take his tweets for what it's worth, which might not be much at all.

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