Longtime NFL head coach Jeff Fisher is preparing in hopes of getting another shot as a head coach, contacting potential staff members as teams get set to start interviewing coaching candidates next month. Fisher, who was fired midseason by the Rams a year ago after an unsuccessful stint with that franchise, had been reaching out to former members of his staff and potential members of a new staff, sources said.

Fisher is intent on getting one more shot at running an NFL team, sources said, and does not want his coaching career, which reached its apex with a Super Bowl appearance in Tennessee, to end on the sour note it hit a year ago in Los Angeles. Given the way things ended with the Rams, finding interested parties could prove a challenge, although with 10 or more coaching changes possible and the pool of hot candidates seeming shallow, Fisher could get some consideration.

A team like the Browns, who have struggled to attract top candidates and who may have difficulty competing for hot coaching candidates in the past, could be an option, some have suggested. Owner Jimmy Haslam has never had an established head coach since he took over the franchise, and the Browns are expected to prize coaching experience this offseason as the winless team tries to reposition for the future.