It's been almost eight years since the Philadelphia Eagles last paid homage to their old colors with Kelly green throwback jerseys, but team owner Jeffrey Lurie remains bent on making the historic uniforms part of the Eagles' regular wardrobe.

Addressing Philadelphia media at the NFL owners' meetings on Tuesday, Lurie said he's spoken to the league about incorporating the classic green uniform as recently as this week and that "they very much know we want this, and we want it badly."

As reported by Bleeding Green Nation and other outlets, Lurie said for the second consecutive year that "the whole key" to making Kelly green unis the team's new alternate outfit is getting Kelly green helmets to match Kelly green jerseys. And since the NFL, per Lurie, currently mandates that teams use only one helmet design, the Eagles are still waiting for approval to "have a second helmet."

Lurie speculated that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell probably holds the final say over whether teams -- or at least the Eagles -- can use two helmets rather than one, and while he suggested other team owners may have objections, he also noted that "we don't have a game for a half a year, so you never know" if changes could materialize.

The Eagles have used all-black uniforms as the alternate to their traditional white and midnight green jerseys in recent years, but they wore Kelly green -- a lighter, less bluish color than their current look -- all the way from 1935-1995.

Randall Cunningham in the Eagles' old Kelly green uniform. USATSI

They revived the old-fashioned green in brighter form during their first game of the 2010 season as a one-time throwback.