Brandon Marshall has been in the NFL since 2006. In his career, he has accumulated 12,061 receiving yards and 82 touchdowns. Yet he has never journeyed to the playoffs. After signing with the Giants this offseason, he's now onto his fifth NFL team

Marshall is an incredibly gifted receiver. That much can't be denied. He has also bounced around the NFL more than any other top receiver without finding team success. That much also can't be denied. So, it didn't necessarily come as a surprise when a current member of the Jets -- Marshall's most recent team -- called him out Tuesday when he was talking about how this year's locker room is better than last year's.

"Let's just say there are 15 reasons why it's better," defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson said, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Spoiler alert: Marshall wore No. 15 with the Jets.

So no, the Richardson-Marshall feud hasn't ended, even though Marshall switched teams. The trouble began brewing Week 3 of last season when the two were involved in what ESPN's Rich Cimini described as "heated exchange" in the locker room. Later in the season, after Richardson used NSFW language on Snapchat, he received a public scolding from Marshall, who described the video as "unacceptable." Richardson responded by saying he didn't care what Marshall said. Finally, after a blowout loss in December, Marshall called the defeat "embarrassing." Richardson responded to those comments by saying, "He should be embarrassed. ... He just should be. He knows what he did." 

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And so, the feud continues. 

In fairness to Marshall, Richardson hasn't exactly been the perfect teammate. There was that Snapchat video. There was the time he was benched last year for being tardy to meetings. There have been multiple suspensions. There was an arrest related to a high-speed race. The Jets -- a team with an embarrassment of riches at defensive line -- have reportedly shopped Richardson as recently as this offseason.

Two things can be true here: It can be true that Marshall has always worn out his welcome in each of his previous stops. It can also be true that Richardson has his own issues that warrant criticism.