Josh Norman: 'You suck' if you blame kicker for OT miss in Redskins-Bengals tie

The Redskins and Bengals had to travel all the way to London to play to a 27-27 tie. But things didn't have to end that way. With 2:16 left in overtime, all Washington kicker Dustin Hopkins had to do was convert a 34-yard field goal.

So, yeah.

Instead, we've had to endure the second tie in as many weeks, which doesn't exactly help the league's declining-viewership problem. And lest you think Sunday morning's outcome rests solely on the right foot of Hopkins, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman would like to disabuse you of that notion.

Leaves little room for interpretation. But you know who did suck, at least according to Norman? The field judge.

And that, folks, is how you guarantee the league will fine you. Maybe Hopkins will help Norman pay it.

Worth noting: Norman had a tough day though, as he points out, he doesn't feel like it was entirely his fault.

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