Klay Thompson captures Marshawn Lynch's fantastically awful golf swing in hilarious video

We know of a lot of famous athletes with terrible golf swings, but Marshawn Lynch might take the cake. Very good golfer Klay Thompson hosted a golf tournament in San Francisco over the weekend that found him paired with not very good golfer Lynch, and Thompson decided to record a few of Lynch's swings. To say that the results weren't pretty would be kind.

In one of Thompson's videos, Lynch at least makes contact on his swing, but he slices it just a little bit.

Or a lot. Another video of Lynch's swing surfaced, in which he just misses everything.

He looks like he's swinging for McCovey Cove at the Home Run Derby, and he should be wearing a backwards hat with that follow-through. Ken Griffey Jr. would be proud.

Luckily, Lynch's style of running doesn't require the same amount of finesse as a golf swing. Lynch's power mindset apparently translates to all sports, because if he accidentally hits a ball straight on he's going to crush it.

Thompson ended up tied for first in his own tournament by shooting 23-under, while teammate and fellow good golfer Stephen Curry went 22-under. The Splash Bros clearly live up to their moniker on the links as well as the court, but don't expect to see Lynch on the pro-am tour any time soon.

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