Larry Fitzgerald calls Kliff Kingsbury a 'hell of a coach,' but remains unsure if he'll play next year

Kliff Kingsbury may be unproven at the NFL level after being fired from Texas Tech, but he has the support of one very important voice. Larry Fitzgerald said that he thinks Kingsbury has a bright future in the NFL, and although he hasn't met him yet, the iconic Cardinals recevier seems to have faith in Kingsbury's creative prowess.

"Hell of a coach," Fitzgerald said to TMZ, via Pro Football Talk. "Look at his resume. He's innovative offensively. That's somebody with a future right now. So, I'm excited for the chance to meet him."

With that being said, Fitzgerald still isn't ready to commit to playing next season.

"I don't know yet. Taking time to figure it out still," he said.

Fitzgerald has 1,303 catches and 16,279 yards, third and second all-time, respectively. Last year he notched 69 catches, breaking a streak of three straight seasons with at least 107 receptions. While part of that was due to a tumultuous quarterback situation, Fitzgerald isn't the receiver he once was, and it shows.

With that being said, his leadership could prove valuable on a team helmed by a young coach and quarterback. The ball is in Fitzgerald's court at this point, but he at least seems happy with the Cardinals' hire.

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