Dwayne Allen models the new all-white look. (Colts.com)
TE Dwayne Allen models the new all-white look. (Colts.com)

April 1 has become one of the most predictably unbearable days of the year. No joke is too silly, no point too pointless.

Which brings us to the Colts and their new pretend all-white uniforms, which were modeled by tight end Dwayne Allen.

“From a strategic, football standpoint, how can they scout us?” he said. “They can’t see our numbers.”

As far as pranks go, this is harmless (it's at the other end of the "That did not just happen" spectrum -- we're looking at you, Bruce Irvin). But if the Colts really wanted to prank their fans, they should have announced that, after much deliberation, they reconsidered their stance on Trent Richardson and sent their 2015 first-round pick to Oakland to reacquire the running back.