The Fourth of July is a time for grilling. Personally, I did dogs for lunch at the pool and then followed it up with some jalapeño/Monterey Jack burgers for dinner with corn on the cob and grilled asparagus. Kirk Cousins also grilled out and the Minnesota Vikings quarterback was not the only NFL player to do so. A bunch of them posted meat on social media because, well, America in 2018. 

Cousins was unique, however, in that the photo of his grill on Instagram managed to confuse just about everyone. The universal reply to Cousins was "WHAT ARE YOU GRILLING MAN???"

And it was a perfectly reasonable response because it's hard to tell whether Cousins is grilling rocks or just some human kidneys. 

Happy 4th!! #america #puremichigan

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People in the comments definitely noticed and freaked out.

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Let's give him credit for the choice of grill -- that appears to be a Weber, which is the best option for gas grilling by far. It's a sturdy, high quality grill that consistently produces great meat -- I've had one for nearly a decade and it's never failed me. (Cousins certainly doesn't look refined enough to be involved in a Big Green Egg situation.) 

Zooming in on the meat, though, it looks like it might be completely unseasoned filets that have been cooking for 15 or 20 minutes on really low heat. 

via Kirk Cousins / Instagram

Zero char whatsoever and yet the meat is brown? It's disgusting. There's almost no chance these steaks -- assuming that's what they are -- will come off as anything other than well done. Just bland, overcooked meat. 

You could almost sell me on these being tuna steaks, but they're too brown on the sides for that to work. Plus, everyone knows you don't do tuna steaks on an outdoor grill like that unless you want them severely overcooked (it would be white anyway) and to fall apart. It takes a delicate touch to sear a tuna steak on an outdoor grill. 

Or Cousins doesn't really know how to functionally grill and he literally put rocks on his grill for the gram. Who knows.