LOOK: Lions fan gets 'Super Bowl 2015 Champs' tattoo

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We applaud this Lions fan for his unwavering optimism, though the permanent reminder of anything but a Super Bowl title could become a tad annoying. (Then again, these are the same people who survived nearly eight years of Matt Millen, whose ineptitude couldn't simply be covered by a pair of pants.)

This Lions 2015 Super Bowl champs tattoo seems ... ambitious. (Facebook)

Of course, maybe this is all a big hoax.

Assuming this is legit, all is not lost should the Lions somehow not win the Super Bowl. Just replace "2015" with "1957," the last time the team won a championship. (Pay no attention to the remaining image of the Lombardi Trophy, or the fact that the Super Bowl didn't begin until 1967. We didn't have a lot to work with.)

Replace '2015' with '1957.' Problem solved. (Facebook/EoF)
Replace '2015' with '1957.' Problem solved. (Facebook/EoF)

In case you're wondering, Vegas puts the odds of Detroit winning the Super Bowl at 40/1, which is about middle of the road (he Seahawks are 6/1 while the Jaguars are 200/1).

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