The NFL fined Marshall for wearing green shoes in the team's Week 6 game. (USATSI)
As promised, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshallwore green shoes in last Thursday's game against the Giants to support Mental Awareness Week.

Also as promised by the league, Marshall was fined for the uniform violation -- $10,500 to be exact. We know this because Marshall tweeted a photo of his notification letter from the NFL, adding that, "Football is my platform not my purpose. This fine is nothing compared to the conversation started & awareness raised."

Marshall was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder in 2011, and wanted to use last Thursday night's nationally televised game to raise awareness about the issue. And while the NFL gave Marshall permission to wear the green shoes, it was with the understanding that he would be fined for doing so.

"I'm going to get fined and I'm going to match that, and we want to partner with a cancer-care [charity]," Marshall said before the game. "We're still working on the details to give, really give back to an organization that is doing work in the mental health area. [Also], the diagnosis of breast cancer can hit families hard. It affects all of us."

The league's decision to fine Marshall was enough for Boston Globe reporter Shalise Manza Young to tweet this:

It's a fair point.

Marshall caught nine passes for 87 yards, including 2 touchdowns, in the Bears' 27-21 win over the Giants.