With Super Bowl LVII in the books, it's time to look ahead to the 2023 season, which will conclude with the first Super Bowl to be played in Las Vegas. 

Speaking of next year's Super Bowl, the official logo for Super Bowl LVIII was recently revealed via social media. As you can see, next year's logo follows the current theme of including the outside of the host city inside the numbers. 

Super Bowl logos have changed over the decades, but for the most part, they've always represented the host city. But it wasn't until Super Bowl XLV where the logos began to have some uniformity. Like car models, Super Bowl logos keep their basic theme for an extended period of time before making a wholesale change. 

Super Bowls XLV to XLIX, for example, have the same concept with minor changes. The logos went through a wholesale change for Super Bowl 50 but have remains similar since. 

Super Bowl logos likely won't go through another big change until Super Bowl LX three years from now. Roman numerals will likely continue to be used instead of classic numerical fonts.