The New York media was waiting for the Giants to lose after the receivers took a game-week trip to Miami to hang out on a boat without shirts on. The baring of teeth was obvious, maybe a little TOO obvious.

Because with the game on the line, the headline writers came up a little short of what the world expected. There were so many freebies out there and yet the New York Post went with "SHIPWRECKED" which feels a little bit like the headline writers spent the week on a boat with celebrities and decided to mail it in.

Via the always excellent Newseum:

via Newseum

If they'd gone with "YACHT'S ALL, FOLKS" that's the winner. It's a slam dunk. They got too cute and overthought it a little bit, in my humble opinion.

The New York Daily News was about the same, going with "ABANDON SHIP!" as the sports headline (the teaser headline on the main front page was "Giant disaster in Green Bay") which is also just kind of "meh."

None of this is to complain about the quality of work by the newspapers in New York. They do a tremendous job coming up with incredible puns but this time it feels like they fell a little bit short. It's almost like the pressure of having everyone waiting to see what would happen with the boats and the headlines was too intense for the guys in charge of coming up with the puns.

Maybe the writers shouldn't have spent the week VACATIONING in Green Bay.

Needless to say none of the Wisconsin papers featured anything about the Giants.