SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- My bosses were kind of enough to send me to Super Bowl 50, so I repaid them by walking around Levi's Stadium and taking photos of food and beer and wine and, well, pretty much anything you can fit into your stomach.

Welcome to your Super Bowl 50 food and alcohol guide. Spoiler: It's all very expensive.

Let's start with the basics and arguably the most important item on the menu: Drinks. You won't run out of alcohol options at Levi's Stadium, but it won't be cheap to mend your broken heart after Coldplay brings you to tears with a super rendition of Yellow.

A $17 gin and tonic? A $17 glass of wine? A $13 beer? Or a $7 water?

Yes, you need to buy that water, because drinking the water from the toilets apparently isn't allowed.

Besides, all that alcohol and water will help wash away all that garlic, which is valued at $2.

Of note: This is not gluten-free (though, they did sell gluten-free beer) so stay away, Drew Brees.

After that, I recommend some mac and cheese.

And then bring on the meat.

Vegan options include smaller lines.

On to the desserts.

And snacks for gametime.

Unrelated: There's a $500 Panthers jacket on sale, so you can either order all of the food above or purchase one snazzy jacket.

Or spend it all on drinks.

Water: $7.00. (Ryan Wilson,