Make-believe jerseys: The London Werewolves

The Jaguars finished second to last in road attendance. Nobody likes it when the Jags come to their town (they were 20th at home, for what it's worth).

Except the Brits, apparently.

Sure, Jags owner Shad Khan says his team is staying in Florida. But he also says his team is "the home team for London." A rather innocuous statement on the surface.

But what if they really were London's team? For eight games a season?

What would the team be named? What would the unis look like?

We're exploring that question with the help of our designer, Jarod Valentin. 

The first team name proposed? London Werewolves. 

London Werewolves image=

London Werewolves image=

We'll roll out a new team motif every so often, and if you have any suggestions, let us know. 

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