Here's a hot take for you: all five of the first-round quarterbacks taken in the most recent NFL draft are actually going to end up being good. It's probably a cold take, but it's a lot less likely to happen than one or two of them being good and the rest being trash. 

Even someone who was down on Josh Allen coming into the draft has to admit he's played really well. Brady Quinn was not one of those guys, but the CBS Sports HQ analyst said on Tuesday's Pick Six Podcast -- it's free, it's daily, it's great football talk come subscribe right here -- Allen might be his first choice if he was picking a rookie quarterback to start a team.

"Right now, Baker's playing the best, but I just feel like Josh Allen, he oozes so much potential. Have you seen what he's doing? First off, he's 3-5 as a starter with the Bills. Do you know how bad ... they are not good. They are so far removed from the team they were last year with the things they've done and changed. He has given that team and city hope. He is so good. And he has so much upside. I would rank the rookie quarterbacks in so far as they've performed this year: Baker, Josh Allen, Lamar [Jackson], Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen."

"They're not all that far apart from one another. They've all struggled to have a high completion percentage. At times they've all struggled to take care of the football. But they've all demonstrated at times the things we liked about them in college and we're seeing it in the NFL."

But Allen, to Quinn, separates himself because he's doing more in Buffalo with the least. And that's fair: the Bills are extremely thin on the offensive line. Their top receivers against the Jets sound like simmed-up Madden names: Robert Foster and Ian McKenzie paced Buffalo in receiving yards last week. And part of having lower-tier receiving help means you're going to deal with some drops. Quinn thinks Allen isn't getting enough credit for his ball placement.

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"Allen to me is the one who people say is not very accurate. I watched his game because I've got the call on Lions-Bills coming up this week. And there are a lot of dropped passes. There were a couple I watched literally bounce off right between the numbers," Quinn continued. "People are going to knock this guy for his accuracy? Are they watching film and checking out his completion percentage and his adjusted completion percentage? Who's even grading that? Is it some guy who's ever played football? Or is it some guy who's eating popcorn in his parents basement? 

"Either way, I watched him and I feel like he'll continually get better. And as that team gets better around him and he has some help, like a running game. I think he's the guy right now who you can see why the Bills took him No. 7 overall."

Buffalo might have landed two really good first-round picks in Allen and Trumaine Edmonds. They were a playoff team last year, but that was a lot of smoke and mirrors; one could argue their three-win season so far this year is an overachievement given what they had on the offensive line and at the skill positions. 

If Brady is right and Allen really is the best quarterback in this class, they're going to have some serious building blocks for the future.